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How to calm a dog down


How to calm a dog down is an important thing to do. It will help avoid dog aggression and other behavior problems. If you want to teach your dog how to calm down then it will require that you use positive reinforcement and positive dog training.

In this article we will look at these two things and explain how they can help you and your dog.

To help calm down your dog initially you must always keep eye contact with your dog. Basic natural calming signals from animal to animal and human to human is to keep eye contact and drop intensity,

Dog diet affects alot on dog mood

Your dog’s diet can also have an affect on how to calm a dog down. Other than the activities you do, watching your dog’s diet can also have a big impact on how to calm a dog down. Certain foods can cause separation anxiety or aggressive behaviour in dogs.

Foods such as beef, cheese, eggs, and onions are just a few that can have an impact on your dog’s behaviour.

Positive Training

The second step to how to calm a dog down is positive dog training. This will include using treats and rewards along with positive reinforcement like praise for good behaviour. Consistency is essential in any type of training and dogs respond very well to positive reinforcement.

Consistency means rewarding your dog when he behaves positively and punishing him if he behaves negatively.

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One thing that causes separation anxiety in dogs and makes it harder to calm them down is the amount of time they spend away from you. A long walk, playing in the garden or just lounging around the house can cause stress. =

This can result in your dog from becoming bored, anxious and may even start to bark at anything that moves, including you, to get attention. In order to learn how to calm a dog down and make sure he stays calm, take a short brisk walk. Make eye contact with him and reward him with treats whenever he behaves in the correct way.

You also need to learn how to calm a dog down because dogs have different body language to communicate different things. When a dog is excited he will stand on his hind legs and jump around excitedly. If he is calm this would be less of an issue. To be able to get through this process of learning how to calm a dog down, you will need to practice being aware of his body language.

Other than negative behaviours like barking, how to calm a dog down also requires you to learn how to get through to him calmly. Your dog will often not realise he has been sent to the bedroom for the night by you because of his strong sense of smell.

You should try to use the same scents as he does when entering the room, which is hopefully the same scent that he smells when you first met. If it isn’t then try something else, such as some delicious Cologne or flower fragrances.

Once you have used these on him he will realise that it is alright to associate the smell with being in the bedroom and not being in the garden.

Here are some room fragrances which can help to make your dog calm while you away.

You can order them by the link below. It will redirect to Amazon. We have selected one of the best fragrances to make your dog calm.

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