Write For Us - Guest Post Submission

write for us

Ignore these guidelines, and your email will be ignored.

The Paw Dynasty is now accepting contributions from guest post writers. If you’re a dog blogger, representative for a dog-related company, or just like to write about dogs, you can submit a post with your byline.

Guest Posting Guidelines

You don’t need to supply a photo with your post. If you do, it should belong to you, or you’ll need to include a link to its source.

You’ll greatly increase your chance of your post being accepting if you subscribe and demonstrate that you’ve actually read the blog.

(Emails addressed to “Sir or Madam” will be ignored. Email templates will be ignored.)

Submit either a few topic ideas, an outline, or a fully written draft. Also include a bio and any links you’d like it to include. Your bio will appear at the end of your post, and can contain two links, plus a photo of you.

In case it’s not obvious… I get a LOT of awful guest post emails. If you make a genuine effort, I’d LOVE to have you contribute!!