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How to control dog bad breath

This article will help you know the best way to control your dog's bad breath.
How to control dog bad breath

We know that your pet’s well being is really important for you but it must not be limited to removal of flea and ticks or bathing them once in a while. The dental hygiene of a dog also plays a very important role in its overall well being. The most obvious way to take care of it is by brushing them regularly and by feeding them with a fresh food diet. It is advisable to see a vet for assessment if the breath is still terrible after your efforts. So let’s discuss about how to control dog bad breath.

If you just want it to become better with the help of things that you are going to find at home, then we are here to help you with some natural remedies. So, have a look!

how to control dog bad breath

What causes bad breath in dogs?

It is really important for a pet owner to know that why the breath of your dog might be offensive. Actually, periodontal disease is the most common cause of bad breath in dogs. Sadly, it is a condition which suffered by over 80% of dogs over the age of three.

When a dog eats, food particles get mixed up with the bacteria in the mouth which can lead to a residue formation called plaque. If it’s not brushed away soon, it often leads to hardening of plaque which is called tartar. When this tartar develops beneath the gum line it can lead to periodontitis.

There is a large range of other medical issues that can lead to bad breath, including diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and gastrointestinal issues. It is highly advisable to consult your vet if your dog’s breath is consistently foul or some other symptoms, like loss of appetite, excessive drooling or drinking, or vomiting.

How to control dog bad breath

Natural ways for How to control bad dog breath

1. DIY Dog Toothbrush
how to control dog bad breath by brushing teeth-min

If you also face difficulty in brushing your dog’s teeth with the traditional toothbrush like many of us, then try to brush them with a clean piece of gauze around your finger and running it over your dog’s teeth. It is highly recommended that one should never use human toothpaste as it may contain xylitol, an ingredient that can cause liver failure in dogs! One should also avoid baking soda as it’s not good for dogs to ingest.

Here are some best dog toothpaste and tooth brushes. You can buy it.

2. Pinch of parsley
how to control dog bad breath by parsley-min

A well known source of antioxidants that protect against the dog bad breath

The ruler of trimmings gives a variety of nutrients and minerals that can help with resistance, vision, and kidney wellbeing. It’s wealthy in cell reinforcements that ensure against free-radical harm, it can help assuage expanding and torment from joint pain and other provocative conditions, and mitigate annoyed stomach and stomach related issues. It’s additionally well known as a breath cleanser. Add modest quantities to food, or mix with water (1 teaspoon for each 20 pounds of bodyweight) to make a juice you can empty directly into your canine’s water bowl. Furthermore, another note of alert: Be certain you’re picking the wavy leaf assortment. Spring parsley, an individual from the carrot family that appears as though parsley is poisonous to hounds.

3. Homemade treats
homemade treat to control dog bad smell-min

Give a try to this amazing DIY for dog food and treat your dog with homemade breath mints. Mix oats, eggs, water, coconut oil, parsley, and mint, reveal the blend, cut into little shapes, and heat for 35-40 minutes at 325° F. Permit to cool totally before serving.

4. Carrots and Apple Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar​
carrot and apple to control dog bad breath-min

Two very easy and healthy eating snack options for dogs to keep away their bad breath are carrot and apple slices. It really helps in preventing plaque build up and keeps their breath fresh. You can even treat them with it, one way is to keep it in the freezer for a cool treat!

An important food item for every health conscious person is apple cider vinegar. It is quite shocking to know that it’s really beneficial for dogs as well. Just adding approximately half a teaspoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl can help freshen up its breath.

5. Probiotics
Probiotics for dogs

You might consider giving your healthy dog a probiotic if he is prone to developing diarrhea in stressful situations. For example, if you are planning to take your dog to a show or to board the dog, it may make sense to give probiotics for a few days in advance.

5. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil

A well known product to improve immunity and skin and coat health is the coconut oil. It might be surprising to know that it is used to help us against the bad dog breath. You have two ways to use this remedy, either you can brush your dog’s teeth with it or you can start adding it to their food but be careful to add only a little amount of it to avoid stomach ache.

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