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How to protect your dog from Tick and flea

Tick and Flea season is here. So here are the tips for how to protect your dog from Tick and flea
How to protect your dog from Tick and flea-min

It is really unfortunate and sad that our pawsome dear friends deal with ticks during the spring and summer seasons. These terrible blood- suckers not only look disgusting but are really tough to get rid of, so it becomes really important for us to protect our dog from tick and flea as if not removed, these buggers can create a serious issue or disease in them. So, the main question arises, how to protect our dog from tick and flea this time? Well, don’t you worry, we have got some tried and tested ideas for you! So, let’s start!

How to protect your dog from Tick and flea

Oral Medicine

How to protect your dog from Tick and flea oral medication

The pills which are given to the dog once a month can kills both the ticks and fleas and can help in disrupting their life cycle. They are easily available in the market and unlike spot-on treatments, you would not have to worry about not coming in contact with your dogs after the medication. This can be the one method to protect your dog from tick and flea.

Tick and Flea Shampoo

How to protect your dog from Tick and flea shampoo

When you clean your dog with a shampoo, its medicated ingredients generally kills ticks. This is a cost effective method but can be very tiresome process. One important thing is that, one needs to repeat the process more often like in every two weeks as the ingredients won’t last for any longer.

Tick and Flea Collar
How to protect your dog from Tick and flea collar

Though the collars are used to protect the neck and head from ticks, it can be used as a preventive measure to protect your dog from ticks and fleas. The tick collar needs to be in contact with your dog’s skin and fur. One more tip is to see that you can fit only two fingers under the collar on your dog. One is also advised to cut the excess collar when it’s around the dog’s neck to prevent it from chewing it. Be careful to note any signs of discomfort like excessive scratching etc. due to any allergic reaction which may have occurred. Do read the collars when choosing a collar.

Tick and Flea Powder
How to protect your dog from Tick and flea powder

One of the other ways to protect your dog from ticks and fleas is using powders. Things that should be kept in mind while using it are that one should be sure that the powder used is labelled for dog use only as well as for their particular age. Also, make sure you check the label to make sure that the product is designed to kill ticks as well as fleas. Another thing that should be taken care while using it is that it should be used in small amounts and slowly rub into the skin. They should be kept away from eyes and face. It should be reapplied about once a week during peak season.

Tick and Flea Spray
How to protect your dog from Tick and flea spray

Another effective way of using medication to kill ticks quickly and in providing protection to them is tick sprays. Sprays can be used in between shampoos and dips, and when you are planning to spend time out in the areas where ticks are most prevalent with your dog. One thing which should be kept in mind would be to not use these sprays around your dog’s face.

Examine your dog carefully

After a walk outside in areas where ticks could be targeting your dogs, try to check your dogs for ticks and fleas. Some areas where you must look between the toes, inside the ears, between the legs (in the “armpits”) and around the neck, deep in the fur. If you do find a tick attached to your dog, removal should be done immediately and carefully, making sure to get all parts of the tick’s body removed from the skin.

Don’t leave your dog out for long

Though walking your dog is something you love, it might not be a good idea to allow him to stay outside for long periods. Preventing him from roaming through wooded areas where one may find ticks and fleas. Checking of your dog thoroughly even after walking through grass and bush is really important.

We hope that you will find these tips really helpful and in this summer and spring, your dearest dog will be protected from fleas and ticks completely. We really need to take proper care of them as this is our way of showing them how much we really love them, by protecting them from these nasty ticks and fleas.

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