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Pedigree Dog Food Review

Pedigree Dog food

If you are thinking of getting a pedigree dog food or pedigree puppy food, you may be wondering whether or not

It is worth it to get pedigree dog food. After all, the dog breed is what you are getting into and they are generally used to eating human food items.

However, if you look at their physiology and anatomy, you will see that they are not humans and cannot benefit from human food.

Therefore, this makes pedigree good for dogs a very viable option when looking at which food to feed your pet.

It is also important to look at the ingredients in the pedigree dry dog food compared to other pet food brands.

While it is certainly a bargain brand and can save you money in the end while still providing superb nutrition, there are likely better choices out there.

Some companies use inferior ingredients in their products, while others use what should be junk food for dogs.

Pedigree Dog Food

pedigree dog food

When reading pedigree food reviews, you will find that many readers rely heavily on the opinions, news and recall alerts posted by various websites. What you want to look for is a pedigree dog food that contains only top quality ingredients.

One particular ingredient that you will often find in high-end food is corn.

This is okay if you are feeding your dog an all natural diet of meat and vegetables.

The corn meal that is used in these types of foods is derived from corn, sugarcane and wheat. If you have kidney or liver issues, this ingredient should be avoided.

For those with diabetes, a good diabetic dog food would contain a lot of quality whey protein.

Whey protein helps aid dogs in losing weight, which helps curb your pet’s energy loss. Good quality whey proteins also help build muscle tissue.

To get the best benefits, the whole grain corn is the best choice for these types of nutrition. Other good ingredients include brown rice, corn, and other whole grains.

Another ingredient that you will come across on pedigree dog food is meat meal.

While this is fine for other types of canine nutrition, it can cause digestive issues with some dogs. These digestive issues can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and even intestinal blockages.

Since dogs are carnivores, the common ingredients found in these foods such as meat meal can sometimes upset their system. It is best to use other protein sources such as poultry or fish instead.

Benefits of Pedigree Puppy Food

Benefits of Pedigree Dog Food

There are also some pet owners who believe that the first ingredient on their pet food labels should be meat. The problem is that this ingredient provides nothing for your dog.

Instead, this ingredient is often an inexpensive preservative. In fact, it has been reported that the cheapest form of preservative is sugar.

The good news for first ingredient lists on pedigree dog food is that you can easily replace this with a much better ingredient such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

Many people are concerned about the long-term effects of preservatives in pet foods.

While there have been some studies done that indicate they may have some health benefits, they have been linked to cancer in laboratory animals.

This can be a problem when it comes to the quality of dog food available on the market today.

Since the ingredients you find on the first ingredient label are almost always the cheapest source available, you may be sacrificing your pet’s health in order to save a few bucks.

Pedigree Puppy Food

Another concern for many pet owners is whether or not the ingredients used in these pet foods are dangerous to their dog.

Even though the primary ingredients in a decent quality pedigree dog food may not be harmful to your dog, a high percentage of pet foods contain ingredients that are harmful.

The high price of dog food means that most pet food companies want to use whatever they can to save money rather than put nutritious, good value ingredients in their dog food.

Pedigree Puppy Food

Unfortunately, they often leave you guessing as to whether or not the ingredients in their first 5 ingredients are actually good for your dog.

Veterinarians around the world recommend that a minimum amount of one antioxidant per pound of bodyweight to be present in your dog’s diet.

Pedigree dog food that contains the minimum amount of antioxidants is your best bet for providing your dog with the maximum amount of protection against common household pests and illnesses.

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