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Viral Video: Irish President’s Dog Steals The Show On Live TV

Misneach, the seven-month-old pup, stole the limelight as President Michael D Higgins talked to some news channel.
Dog Steals The Show

Viral Video: Irish President's Dog Steals The Show On Live TV

A video of the President of Ireland’s puppy attributing his speech to a news station to need focus is winning hearts on social media. Irish President’s Dog Steals The Show On Live TV.

He playfully little the president’s hand, pawed in his thighs, and kept up a constant need for attention. President Higgins maintained his focus on the speech, but he did provide his hand up to the puppy to play.

A video of the moment has been placed on the president’s official TikTok webpage, in which it’s gone viral. On Twitter, in which the movie soon made its own way, it’s been observed by more than 1.6 million people.

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Irish President Michael D Higgins embraced Misneach earlier this season. The pet has a companion in Brod, the president of all additional pet dog. Both dogs have a significant variety of lovers on social media, in which their pics and videos surface occasionally.

The president of Ireland is only one politician who’s fond of animals. Here’s a peek at some other strong political pets.

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