Staffie Discovered dead after Household Get chilling ‘pay or the Puppy dies’ Ransom telephone

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier Named Pebbles vanished from a road in Burslem, simply to be discovered wrapped in a blanket at a basket with a bunch of kids six days afterwards
Staffie Discovered dead after Household Get chilling 'pay or the Puppy dies' Ransom telephone

Staffie Discovered dead after Household Get chilling ‘pay or the Puppy dies’ Ransom telephone

A dog has been found dead coated in a prayer mat following her owner Got a ransom call for the safe return.

Pebbles vanished from a road in Burslem, Staffordshire on April 17.

On April 23, seven days following the puppy went missing, her entire body had been discovered by children playing in the rear of Stoke-on-Trent College’s Burslem campus.

Now Dawn Johnson and the group in Lost Dog Capture are attempting to learn what happened to Pebbles from the end up to her premature departure.

Mine whose teenaged girl and her friends had been cutting out a field in the rear of this Burslem campus and watched a Moses basket in around 5.15pm.

“When They appeared from the basket that they discovered Pebbles dead inside there.


“She had been along with a kid’s blanket with a bit knitted Teddy bear along with a prayer mat placed on top of her.

“I Went directly over. I felt ill and heartbroken. As soon as I got that I contacted her proprietor and took my home .

“When I rang her burst out crying and among the young women did too.”

Pebbles’ Owners say that they received a call from a guy with an Irish accent requiring payment to your puppy before her departure after a charm for her was submitted on Dog Lost – a website at which it is possible to enroll their pets as overlooking contact details.

He continued:”He told him that he had been an Irish gentleman and he had been Calling folks and demanding cash. He explained if they do not cover he can kill their puppy and decapitate it.

“He Rang Pebbles’ proprietor and requested for 500 Euros.

“We Do not believe these folks really have the puppies all of the time. They are merely going on Dog Lost and ringing the owners to attempt and acquire money.

“It is horrible. They’re preying on vulnerable individuals.

“Regrettably There’s been a girl within Stockport that has paid over 1,500 and only last week a second girl paid 500.”

Dawn Added:”We are heartbroken for Pebbles’ household. It is such a shame. They’ve had this puppy for more than 11 decades and she’s gone lost and found dead.

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“I Did not find any accidents on her whatsoever. I’d lift up her head just a bit along with a very small bit of blood came from her mouth but I believe that is a part of this dying process. I really don’t think she had been dead as long since she was quite stiff.

“I place a post up her after she had been discovered and a guy says that he believes he watched her Tuesday (April 20) afternoon with a young couple, therefore I want to go to the regional stores and see if I could examine the CCTV.

“If Anybody in that region has CCTV we would like to see it”

Staffordshire Police also have been alarmed to Pebbles’ departure.

A Spokesman stated:”We had been advised at approximately 10.50am on Saturday (April 24) a dog was found dead at a Moses basket close into the Stoke-on-Trent College campus away Moorland Road, Burslem.

“The basket has been discovered on a field close to the faculty campus.

“A Puppy — a reddish Staffordshire bull terrier – has been discovered interior wrapped in a blanket. It had been discovered to be a puppy reported lost from Dartmouth Street because April 17.

“The RSPCA was advised, as was that the puppy’s owner”

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